The one year anniversary of our official quarantine has come and gone. But it’s today that marks something a little extra special for me. Today is the first time since March12th/13th, 2020 that my children have gone TO school for TWO consecutive days. I repeat….THEY ARE NOT IN THIS HOUSE. I am done folding laundry, … More FREEDOM ’21


Hazy Shade of Winter

When last we met, I was in the trenches of home learning hell. School never resumed, summer camps were cancelled, the word “hybrid” dominated all conversations in August and September and the phrase “out of abundance of caution” was used so often that I wanted to vomit. I tried to be optimistic when my school … More Hazy Shade of Winter

We Can’t Stop- Homeschooling Day 2- Whatever F**king Day It Is Today (Part II)

Years ago when my boys were little, there was a news story about a mom of three, pregnant with her fourth, who tried to drive her minivan into the ocean. I think that’s a good place to start this post. I believe it was a wise Israeli mom who once said: If Corona doesn’t kill … More We Can’t Stop- Homeschooling Day 2- Whatever F**king Day It Is Today (Part II)

Shiny Happy People- Homeschooling Day One (Part I)

That fateful Sunday evening when the email arrived about closing school for two weeks, I was told the look in my eyes was one of pure resignation and agony. TWO WEEKS of the kids being homeschooled???? There weren’t enough virtual yoga classes or YouTube meditations to calm my inner voice that was wailing, “HELL NO!” … More Shiny Happy People- Homeschooling Day One (Part I)

My Church

It’s been a while. When last you heard from me, I was knee-deep in summer festivities. And like every one before it, last summer flew by. It was a perfect combination of relaxed schedules, complete lack of attention to diet, and ample screen time. Then came September. This month should just be renamed: A Mother’s … More My Church

Fix a Drink

I woke up the other morning to an army of ants having a party in our kitchen. It was a real rager. Ants of all sizes were all over the cat food, walking on the counter, and having a feast in our garbage. It was only 6:00 am and I now had yet another task to … More Fix a Drink


A couple of weeks ago, I started writing my next blog post. It was all about an incident that happened in my town on Earth Day. On the day where we are all meant to demonstrate support of our environment and its protection,  over 600 daffodils that had been planted on the property of one of … More Hallelujah