The one year anniversary of our official quarantine has come and gone. But it’s today that marks something a little extra special for me. Today is the first time since March12th/13th, 2020 that my children have gone TO school for TWO consecutive days. I repeat….THEY ARE NOT IN THIS HOUSE. I am done folding laundry, I am showered, I am not wearing pajamas, I’ve already grocery shopped, dinner is planned, and I haven’t had to mumble “Please stop asking me a million questions, you pain in the ass,” once. The cat is even confused. I swear I even saw him smile.

It’s so quiet here. Amazingly quiet. And then I had that feeling that us moms get when we can’t wait for school to start but then get sad when we see a happy pic from the summer. Inexplicably, we miss the kids that we basically tossed out of a moving car in front of the school. If that isn’t motherhood, I don’t know what is. So in honor of that feeling, I created a slideshow of some of my home learning highlights from 2020-2021. And I’ll be damned, I miss them already.


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